Travel bucketlist

As my first blog entry aside from my welcome/presentation entry, I would like to start by presenting my current travel bucketlist, which is up to date as of June 2017. This might help you to learn a little bit more  about me, my traveling experiences and the things I like!

📍go on a cruise

📍kayak in Ha Long Bay (Vietnam) ✔

📍ride an elephant ✔

📍ride a camel

📍try to surf

📍watch the stars/ a meteor shower away from the city ✔

📍watch the sunrise from the top of a mountain ✔

📍take a cooking class in another country ✔

📍stay in a 5 star hotel

📍camping in a national park ✔

📍hot air balloon ride

📍helicopter ride

📍yoga in Bali ✔

📍mud bath ✔

📍have a drink at Hong Kong’s highest rooftop bar ✔

📍visit Angkor Wat ✔

📍hike the inca trail to Machu Picchu

📍see the ball drop in NYC✔

📍visit the Narrows (USA)

📍visit Yellowstone national park (USA)

📍do yoga in Bali ✔

📍go on a humanitarian trip

📍swim in a natural hot spring✔

📍go on a safari

📍participate in a mass at the Notre-Dame-de-Paris Cathedral ✔



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