My personal top useful travel apps

Google Maps:

Download the offline map of the areas you are going to visit/stay at in advance when you have wi-fi. You’ll be able to use the app for directions and even as a GPS without needing data/wi-fi. You can also save some places such as your hotel or attractions to find them easily and quickly.


In my opinion, this is the best app for getting reviews before deciding to book a hotel/hostel/guesthouse room, a tour, an activity or even to decide where to go shopping or eat. Give back to other travelers by writing your own impressions and reviews afterwards!


Don’t know where to go for dinner? Yelp has tons of suggestions with opening hours, menus, reviews and ratings and it can also show you which ones are the closest to your location for easy access.


Look up a certain location or tag of an attraction you would like to visit to see how it looks like from an average person or a photograph’s point of view. Also, why not take a mental note of photo ideas.

EX currency:

Keep this app accessible when traveling to check the exchange currency in a quick and simple way. Make sure to update the rates when you have wi-fi. Also, use this app to convert a certain foreign currency amount to your currency without having to use your calculator.


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